sábado, 8 de dezembro de 2012

Love story

Our story may not be the perfect story. Because all stories have that bitch who wants to separate us, that asshole who tells a bunch of lies and that anonymous who secretly desires that we break up. It happens, it's called life. But what really matters is what we feel, what we do to make it work. Some do work, some don't. The lack of love is probably the perfect explanation, but in some cases it's not. Truly sometimes we just can't fight anymore. There are too much problems, too much lies, too much things trying to ruin our love and we just can't. Then what? We give up. Our love which was untouchable becomes a nightmare instead of the dream we once had. And we blame ourselves because we knew how much we loved, and still love, each other, but there's nothing to do. Decisions are made and it's too complicated to turn back, even if our hearts cry themselves to death, even if our soul is so dark that we can't actually feel anything again. We quit. Our love story isn't entirely written and our love is not certainly over. But we just move on, and we try to find someone else, hoping that this time everything works out right. But, guess what? It doesn't because there will always be that bitch, that asshole and that anonymous and if you don't fight for what you want, well... you'll never get it.

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