sexta-feira, 1 de junho de 2012

Love letter

Dear Jack,
I'm here, but you're not. I'm still waiting for your voice, your touch. I know you're not coming back. You never did and you never will, not because you don't want to, but because you can't. You're gone...
My life went by, I made a family, had kids and I'm now a grandma. I confess, nowadays I still think about our love, how fresh, quick and strong it was. I was completely in love with you, so deeply I can't even describe what I felt when you hold my hand for the first time. My heart started beating so fast, my eyes were glittering so much and of course, I blushed all over my face.
When I called your name and you didn't aswer me, I realized you were dead. You were dead right there, in front of my eyes. Your organs must have fronzen because you were so could it felt like ice. I set your hand free and you immediately disappeared in the water. I remember your face fadding away, it was terrifying.
Nevermind, my true love, it's been precisely  50 years since you died and I still love you. I always will. Until my very last breath.

Love, Rose