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A Letter Away - Part 2

[A pedido de algumas famílias... Ainda faltam as partes 3 e 4]

When she finished the letter, she put it in the drawer. She didn’t have guts to send it. In fact, she was afraid his answer could actually make her change her decision to marry Sam. It was better that way – she wrote what she felt and kept it in a place where she wouldn’t see it anymore.
After putting the letter away she heard knocking.
-  Can I?
It was Sam. She swiftly swept the tears that were streaming down her face and turned to the door, smiling, as he came towards her.
- You’ve been here for hours. Is something wrong Katie?
- No sweetheart, nothing’s wrong, I just needed some time to think about everything.
Sam noticed that something was off.
- You can talk to me about anything, you know that right? Is it about the wedding?
-No, it’s not that, I was just thinking about how fast things are going. Around this time, last year we were starting to date and now we’re getting married.
- Is it really just that?
- I’m just tired, I’m going to bed. Tomorrow will be a long day – said Kate with a tired look – I’m going to go shopping with my mum, she still hasn’t got the new shoes for the wedding, and she asked me to help her choosing.
- Great! I’ll spend the all day in the office and I have to call to the travel agency to confirm our flight to Hawai. I can’t wait for the honeymoon – and closed the door, cheerful.
She struggled to get John off her head, but it was too complicated. All she could think about was him. His eyes, his smile, his mouth… Their love.
Next day morning she woke up early, had breakfast in a rush and went with her mum to the shopping centre. Mrs. Watson is a fantastic mother, a fabulous wife and a beautiful woman. Kate is very similar to her mum – blonde hair, green eyes, flashy lips, and medium height. Mrs. Watson isn’t very fond of Sam; she thinks that, although he loves Kate more than he loves himself, he’s a little bit smug. She hates people like that, people who think that they are better than everyone else, it just freaks her out.
- What do you think about these shoes? Do you like them?
- I was looking for something more dashing… - answer Mrs. Watson with a sly, even a bit naughty smile.
They laughed together and carried on looking for a pair of shoes…
- I want these ones! – said Mrs. Watson with a silver glitter shoe.
Kate looked at them and remembered when John gave her a pair very similar to that one. She got nostalgic and her mother noticed that.
- I knew it! You still think about him don’t you?
Kate stared her mother with an incredulous face and then acted like she didn’t understand what she asked.
- What are you talking about?
- Don’t pretend you didn’t understand me, because I know that you did! You will get married in a few days and I know that you still think that John is the man of your life.
- I know he is, but… He left home with a kiss and some beautiful words, but he left! He had the guts to leave! I was devastated and you know it! You were there… Sam always tried to make me happy, to give me everything I needed! He’s the one who deserves my love.
- I understand what you’re saying, but don’t forget that John sent you an address for you to write to, and you just ignored him. Have you ever thought that maybe he had to leave for some reason? If he sent you an address through a colleague of his, he probably wanted to talk to you and he couldn’t! Marry it’s a very important decision, a decision you can’t take it lightly…
Kate glanced down. In fact she was digesting those words… Maybe her mother was right, but only she knows how much she suffered when we went away leaving behind only a “I will love you forever, don’t forget me, I beg you”. Those were actually beautiful words, but they were but words, they didn’t erase the pain she felt.

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