quinta-feira, 19 de maio de 2011

A Letter Away - Part 3

(Já só falta uma parte! Espero que estejam a gostar)

The days went by and although she knew that John still was in her head, she decided to go forward with the wedding.
Contrary to what had been said in the weather report, it was dark and rainy. Inside the bedroom, Kate could hear the wind ravaging the trees. It was a cold day and her wedding gown was not exactly warm. The day didn’t start in the best way… She dressed up and the hairdresser made her a beautiful hairstyle. She was a beautiful bride. The neckline was shaped like a heart and in the hair she was using tiny white flowers that, when looked at as a whole, resembled something like a crown. The bouquet had white flowers too. Mrs. Watson helped her dress up, always with a strange look on her face, like if she was trying to say something she should tell her.
- I’m doing what’s right. From here on after I will never think of John again. I swear mum.
- Not even you believe what you’re saying, Kate… Listen to your heart damn! You’re so obstinate!
- Mum, I know that you want the best for me, but it is my life and I’m the one who gets to make the calls.
- But I know that you want to be with John! I saw the… - they were interrupted by the housemaid.
- Sorry to interrupt, the car has arrived. Whenever you are ready Mrs. Watson.
Kate thanked Hanna.

 – You were saying?
- Never mind. Let’s go or you will arrive later than what you’re supposed to.
They went down stairs together and her mum didn’t touch that matter again.
The bells rang and as a wonderful woman, Kate Watson, entered the church while the wedding march was playing in the background. All guests stared at her, she looked truly dazzling.
Sam was waiting for her, by the priest, and as he watched her walking toward him, his eyes glittered.
The ceremony was held normally until it came down to the final “yes”. The priest asked Sam and he accepted without any hesitation, but Kate waited for a while. The word just didn’t come out of her mouth. There was a deathly silence in the room. Everybody was expecting to hear her say that final word.

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